Tuesday, April 26, 2005

writer's block

tonight, i have written the worst scripts ever.

i have two stories to write and yet, i can't get started. the right words just won't come out.i've almost memorized all the buttons on my keyboard. have stared at it for more than 30 minutes. my eyes have seen circles and oblongs and doodles of different colors on my pc screen. my mind's like a blank screen.

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they call it the writer's block.

such a good excuse, huh? but i think (no, i'm SURE) it was just because i haven't transcribed my tapes yet. tsk tsk. bad. bad. i need a good spanking, a really good spanking. naku, ikaw Summer kapag hindi ka nagtino, tatamaan ka ulit! wapak!

i know i should put a stop to this bad attitude towards work. you see the thing is, i have not been transcribing my tapes on time. this makes it doubly difficult for me to write my scripts. i have no guide. but then since i have always gotten away with it (with flying colors... ehehehe!), meaning i was still able to produce A+ scripts (which rated high! *thunder, lightning* lolz), it became a habit. a very bad habit.

and now, it has taken its toll on me.
my scripts tonight really sucked. no need to elaborate.

*looks at my phone* so i had to stay in the office until this late (thought i'd be home and sleeping by this time. sigh...) and gave me a good reason to blog. ugh. what a sweet sweet reason to blog.

ok, ok. so i have an excuse. had a shoot first thing in the morning with Mrs. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi for our Mother's Day episode on May 7. oh, she really is an angel. haaayyy... nakaka-tibo. shet. hehe. and so, i wasn't able to TC (time code-slash-transcribe) my tapes in the morning which i usually do. but then my conscience tells me, "hoy, Summer! you should have transcribed your tapes yesterday, ok? knowing you have a shoot today, you should have waken up early to TC all your a*s!!!"
fine... fine... twas my fault. twas my being lax. the more appropriate word here would be...laziness!
    so what did i get now? 2 crappy scripts that needed total revision. UGH.
        and so to lessen the crappiness of this night, thought i'd share some advice for anyone who feels attacked by that WB monster.
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          R - RELAX... the more you worry, the harder it is for your better thoughts to come out. breathe. take a small break. walk. stretch. eat. drink. talk to someone.
            E - EXPERIMENT... try to do something different, like use a pen and a paper instead of putting your thoughts straight to your pc. listen to a different kind of music (for people who like it with a background song while writing). think of a topic that you never wanna write about. and who knows? by doing so, you come up with an interesting point to tackle.
              A - ASK for help. why not? two heads are better than one [ sometimes :) ].
                D - DIVERT... focus your thoughts on another aspect of what you wanna write. or on another topic or story. don't squeeze off all your orange juices. try your grapes.


                  At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

                  next time i'll remind you to do your TC first;) or maybe i should spank you more often huh, maybe that will lessen the WB LOL


                  At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

                  forgive my innocence but what does WB mean? *scratches her head*

                  the only WB i know is Welcome Back. haha. and oh oh.. Warner Brothers? *laughs out loud* kurneh ko talaga anoh? seriously, what's WB? *grins*

                  anyways, i often have those writer's block thingy. it lasts for a week. hehe. you just need inspiration to pump up the creative juices in you. *smiles*

                  anyways.. goodluck on your transcribing and your editing and your writing scripts. you can do it.. i know you can. *winks* ikaw pa!?


                  At 3:13 PM, Blogger Summer Fire said...

                  come baby, spank me now! hahahaha! muah! :p

                  WB po eh writer's block hehehe. kaw ha, nde mo binabasa nang maayos, hmmm? kaw yata kelangan ng palo eh lolz


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