Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ang Pagbabalik...


you favorite blogger (ehem! LOL) was absent for 3 weeks coz she was operated and needed 15 days of rest at home after that. yes, you've read it right. she was OPERATED. but unfortunately, it wasn't a sex transplant as you think it was. hahahaha! will tell you the whole story in the next post. for now, she sends her hello's, halers, and chorvas to everyone who misses her. she missed all of you, too *hugs*


on a not-so-serious note... lol

haaay... miswa ko na rin itong blog na itech :( pero hey hey hey! ('ika nga ni berns) back with a vengeance ang dramamuchi ng lola nyo everloo. mala-Darna, "Ang Muling Pagkabuhay" itowh! haha! hosha, sa susunod na entry na lang ulit at marami pa akong work. inuuna ko na naman ang blog blog na itowh. hay! hehe

vavush! see yours when i see yours! ;p