Friday, November 12, 2004


*sa mga KONSERBATIBO: wag nang basahin kung mahina ang sikmura nyo...
*sa mga MATAPANG na babasa: this is a product of my wild and flirtatious imagination...

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And now… this night will mark unto my soul forever.

She’s on top of me with my legs apart, both of us naked. I can feel her soft skin and hear her heartbeat as she feels and hears me, too. She licks my nipples, while holding both my arms above my head, sucking them gently first. She alternately kisses my right and left breast… sucking harder… letting me feel her wet lips and tongue.

My nipples harden as I feel her getting hungrier as she sucked on my breasts. She flicks my nipples gently and sucked and sucked endlessly. She fondles my breasts and starts grinding against my clit with her pussy.

And now, her every movement arouses me. Now I moan wildly as she too could not stop from voicing out loud how she is going crazy. She stops grinding and starts to let her tongue run through my skin. She traces my spine with her tongue and licks my nape, too. And goes back to playing with my nipples again. How she loves that. She pinches my nipples gently between her fingers while she nibbles my left ear.

After minutes of playing with my breasts and licking my upper petite body, she goes down and licks my thighs. She whispers to me, “How I love to kiss and lick every inch of your body until I can’t handle it anymore and want me inside you…” Then I’m shivering… my body heats up more and more and feels like erupting any moment. Now, she licks my pussy again and gently kisses it. She parts my pussy lips to expose my clit and hungrily but gently brushes her tongue against it. Now she plays with it, gently flicking my clit with her tongue. And whispers again, “I want to eat you and make you come on my mouth right now… I want to taste your come juice…”

She then darts her tongue inside my pussy as she cups my right breast and flicks my clit with her left hand. Our moans go more wildly. Our bodies become fierier. Now she slides her fingers inside me. Then let those fingers come in and out of me. And kisses me hard and long, almost sucking the life out of me.

Now we both shiver… and tremble to death… almost running out of breath…


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew! Made me sweat!

- dudette


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