Monday, June 06, 2005

If I Could...

hey babyboi, your wish is my command ;)
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If I could be in one place right now, I'd be in Seattle, wrapped around my babyboi's loving arms. I would love to be locked in her arms forever... :)

If I could give something of myself to my babyboi, it would be my soul. My life is in her hands now.

If I could take my babyboi for a romantic rendezvous
, hmmm... *naughty thoughts* Can I keep this one a secret between us? Bwahihi :p

If I could make one dream come true,
that would be to finally have world peace (Ms. Universe ang dating! Nyahahaha! But that's serious, really)

If I could do real magic,
I would transport my babyboi back here right NOW. I always pray for the waiting to finally end. I would like to start my life with her NOW NA! :D

Now fellow bloggers, it's your turn to do your If-I-Could versions...



And here's another blog chain from Bubwit :) If I Could Be...

If I could be the
President of this country, I would make lesbian and gay marriages legal. Do I need to expound? lol

If I could be a
bird, I'd fly million of miles to be with the gurl I deeply love, NOW NA! :D

Image Hosted by If I could be a painter, I'll paint the world with the colors of rainbow. Hehe!

If I could be a singer
, I'll sing songs of love that could change people's hateful and greedy hearts.

If I could be a teacher, I'll teach them to fight discrimmination.(Ang chummy everloo! Haha!)

Tell us what you think, too... :)



At 12:09 AM, Blogger -bubwit said...

Oh Nooooo!!!
PLeaaaaz!!!we have to cut this chain..wen i was assigned to hav it I was really happy to do my part then run...but NOW!!!!

Well..thanx for ur DOUBLE RESPONSE!!!

At 1:41 AM, Blogger meckulit said...

weee! sasagot ako!

If I could be in one place right now, i want to be in bulacan and to be in his arms even for the last time. kahit alam kong ayaw niya siguro i just hope he would let me live the moment. mastah_chao, nagkalabuan na kami ng tuluyan. ang sakit pala ng ganito.

If I could give something of myself to him, it would be my love, respect, and trust. i know he has to earn it pero ewan. those were the things that entered my mind as of now.

If I could take him for a romantic rendezvous, amin na lang yun. haha! basta nakahanda na ang mga paraphernalia. weee!

If I could make one dream come true, for the philippines to be back at the top at least in the south east asian region.

If I could do real magic, i will produce lots and LOTS of lesson plans. wahaha! naloloka na ako.

o dakilang mastah_chao, it is so nice to hear from you again. kakaloka pala maging teacher. GINTO ANG TULOG PARA SA AKIN. salamat muli sa pagbisita. ingat ka lagi!


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